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The Truth About Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is overcrowded!  It’s over priced!  And you’ve got to have a rental car to get around.  Are these really true? 

We know that vacations and holidays take a lot of planning.  When we are researching places we look online to see what people are saying about the place.  Some of the things we read about Rhodes are just plain wrong and completely untrue.  Some things are true and accurate.  And some are more a matter of opinion, not really true or false.  But we’re not shy here, and we’ll be more than happy to let you know what we think.

Go to this link if you would like to watch a video with the same information: The Truth About Rhodes, Greece

MYTH: Rhodes Is Overpriced

We were expecting a pretty high amount of Euros to be coming out of the ATM each day.  But in the end our total spending averaged US$82 per day for the two of us.  That’s for our housing, food, transportation on the island, and activities.  We think that’s pretty reasonable.  That being said, there were some things that we did think were a little overpriced.  The restaurants that are right on the beach can cost double than the restaurants frequented by the local people.  But we hit the jackpot when it comes to the amount we spent on housing.  We rented a two bedroom apartment with a big kitchen at Emmanuel Apartments for just $35 per night.  We thought that was fantastic, and overall we are pleased with the prices and our spending on Rhodes. 

TRUTH: Most Local People Speak English

There is no reason to be worried about a language barrier here.  The island’s core existence is (almost) centered around tourism, and with that comes a large number of people fluent in English.

MYTH: You Need A Rental Car

The reason a rental car is not necessary is because there is a network of bus routes to take you where you need to go.  The prices are fairly reasonable, usually in the 5 Euro range.  The buses are fairly frequent depending on the route. For example there are over 10 buses per day that shuttle back and forth between the popular tourist area of Lindos and Rhodos town.  But a rental car might be handy for exploring the west coast of the island because the buses are less frequent on that side of the island, sometimes only one per day.

MIX: The Beaches Are Rocky

Head to the east coast if you prefer sandy beaches.

This one is a mix.  It depends on the beach.  Most of the beaches on the east coast are generally sandy.  This includes the most popular east coast beaches, like Lindos and Tsambika.  Some of the beaches on the west coast do have more pebbles and rocks.  But one of the positives about this is that these beaches also tend to be a little less crowded.  So you can give up the sand and have a little more seclusion, or keep the sand and just have to share that sand with more people.  Or why not visit multiple beaches?  We think Rhodes is a great island for beach hopping because there is so much variety in the beaches here.

MYTH: The Tap Water Is Not Safe

We drank the tap water the entire time we were in Rhodes.  We didn’t get sick or have any problems.  There is of course bottled water if you want to play it safe.

MYTH: The Food Is Boring

Get ready to drool.

Yes, we really did read a comment from someone who thought the food on Rhodes is boring.  This is of course subjective, and is going to depend on whether or not you like Greek food (which we do, a lot!).  Our favorite thing to eat here was the Greek salad, with the delicious cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and olive oil.  We got a Greek salad just about everyday.  One great restaurant that we want to recommend is called Kalammmakia (I love the extra m’s in the name and it is mmmm so good).  This restaurant is away from the tourist areas (we like that).  The owner is especially friendly, the souvlaki is marinated to perfection, and the portion sizes are huge.  Another restaurant we want to recommend is called ΣTEKI (I have no idea how to pronounce this, but it’s right next to the bus station in Rhodes town, you can’t miss it).  They serve massive gyros.  And the best thing is that the prices are extremely reasonable, about 3 Euros each, not too bad considering this place is right in the heart of the tourist district.  And don’t leave Rhodes without trying some of the locally produced honey and olive oil!

MIX: Rhodes Is Overcrowded

Some parts of the island can get crowded, but there are ways to escape the hustle and bustle.

We were in Rhodes during the shoulder season, so not quite when the crowds peak.  We noticed that the old town area of Rhodes could get a little crowded, especially when the cruise ships were at the dock.  But it’s quite easy to escape the crowds in the old town by getting off the main paths and wandering around the smaller alleyways.  We suggest turning off your Google Maps (come on, we know you can) and just allow yourself to get lost in the back passageways.  Another area that we thought could get a little overcrowded was the Lindos area, with all the souvenir shops and restaurants.  But we think the best way to escape any overcrowding is to head to one of the small villages.  We chose to visit the village of Masari.  There were no tourist attractions here, no beaches, no souvenir shops.  It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle and see another side to life on the island.

TRUTH: Rhodes Is Arid

The terrain does have an arid feel, but beautiful nonetheless.

The terrain does have kind of a dry and arid landscape, and sometimes we felt like we were in a desert.  But there are some areas that defy the arid climate.  Seven Springs has an alpine feel, and when we came here we almost completely forgot that we were on a Greek island. We really enjoyed walking on the trails through the forest and also getting into the water a little and enjoying the lake.

TRUTH: Don’t Flush The Toilet Paper

It’s generally not a good idea to flush toilet paper unless you want a clogged toilet. But check with your hotel or apartment host just to make sure.

We hope we have debunked some of those rumors and myths about Rhodes for you, and also validated those things that really were true for us based on our experience here.  Overall we thought Rhodes was a fabulous island, and we would not be surprised if we end up coming back here.  Thanks for traveling with us!


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