Best Cities In Mexico For Your Personality

My wife and I have visited 14 different cities in Mexico over the last 6 months. In this article I’m going to explain which of the cities that we visited would be best for you, based on your personality. Are you a creative or artistic person? Or are you an extrovert? How about more of an introvert? Are you a very adventurous person? We’ve got the right city for you whatever your personality and your interests.

(If you prefer to watch a video with the same information then click this link: Best Cities In Mexico).

For The Creative: San Miguel de Allende

Art galleries abound in San Miguel de Allende.

Let’s start with a city for those who are very creative. Maybe you are very artistic and enjoy creating art. Or maybe you enjoy admiring artwork other people have created. Or maybe you are very musical. In that case we are going to recommend San Miguel de Allende as the best. There are art galleries all around the city that you can check out, with paintings, sculptures, and other types of art work. There are also beautiful murals and street art all around the city. San Miguel de Allende has many art and music classes and schools that cater to expats. The architecture in the city itself is worthy of being classified as a work of art.

For The Academic: Guanajuato

We think Guanajuato has a very classy atmosphere.

What if you have more of an academic personality? Do you enjoy learning, appreciate history, want an intellectual atmosphere? Then we are going to recommend Guanajuato. This is a university town, so you will see college students around the town. One of the classiest theaters is here in Guanajuato. The outside of this theater has some interesting sculptures from Greek mythology. And something else interesting about this city is that it was designed with pedestrians in mind. Many of the city streets are actually built in tunnels under the city, and that means that is more room for walking on the streets. This is a genius idea that took a lot of planning.

For The Extravert: Lake Chapala

It’s very easy to meet new friends in the Chapala area of Mexico.

Let’s say you prefer a large amount of social engagement with other people. In that case we are going to recommend Ajijic and Chapala in the state of Jalisco. If you learn Spanish you can socialize anywhere in the country. And we definitely recommend learning some Spanish and integrating into the local society. But if you are looking for a large English speaking community, then Lake Chapala has your name written all over it. There are literally thousands of people who have come from the U.S. and Canada for retirement and have decided to make this part of Mexico their home. One of the easiest ways to socialize and connect with people is to join the Lake Chapala Society. There are all kinds of social groups at the Lake Chapala Society to suit your interests. These include exercise classes, athletic groups, art classes, Spanish language classes, and card games.

For The Cosmopolitan: Mexico City, Puebla, and Guadalajara

Do you love the big city lifestyle? Do you enjoy the fast pace, the busyness, and the activity of a large metropolitan area? We have three recommendations for you.

Mexico City

Mexico City is huge.

Not only is Mexico City by far the biggest city in Mexico, but it’s one of the biggest cities in the entire world. It has the abundance of entertainment activities that you would expect from a large city. It’s got Chapultepec Park which is one of the world’s largest and best city parks. The Mexico City metro system is very easy to use and one of the world’s cheapest subway systems. It’s also surprisingly easy to find neighborhoods that are relatively safe from crime in Mexico City.


Puebla tops our list of best cities in Mexico if you are looking for a large metropolitan area.

Our second recommendation for big city life is Puebla. This city is just a few hours away from Mexico City. It’s of course smaller than the capital but still offers many of the big city type conveniences. But it doesn’t have quite as much traffic or air pollution. Puebla has a lot going for it. It’s got a really pleasant zocolo area and some spectacular views of the surrounding volcanoes.


Guadalajara’s historical city center has a lot of charm.

And the third city we are going to recommend is Guadalajara. This is Mexico’s seventh largest city. The historical city center rivals that of the larger Mexican cities. The transportation system is also adequate and easy to use. And we personally had a great experience with the health care that is available in Guadalajara.

For The Introvert: Villahermosa and Acayucan

What about introverts? Are you looking to escape from people from the United States and Canada? You could chose any non-touristy place in Mexico. We recommend two such places.


Villahermosa’s cathedral can be seen all across the city.

This is a large city in the state of Tabasco. The city’s main cathedral completely towers over the city. And there are some foreigners here, but there not as many as the other places we have mentioned so far.


Spending the evening in Acayucan’s plaza.

Our second recommendation is going to be Acayucan in the state of Veracruz. This is a charming smaller town. It’s got a beautiful central plaza (especially nice at night) and it’s got some cultural diversity. But you won’t find many foreigners here.

For The Party Goer: Campeche and Cancún

Are you someone who really enjoys an active nightlife or a really festive atmosphere? We’ve got two places for you.


Calle 59 is the place to go for nightlife in Campeche.

This city really seams to get going after dark, maybe because it’s hot during the day and starts to cool off after sundown. There is one particular street in Campeche, Calle 59, that is the place to go for some nightlife. The street is closed to traffic after dark and there are a lot of bars and restaurants that get started after sundown. There are also some night time shows: a light show at the fort and another light show on the malecon involving fountains synchronized to music.


The main reason why people come to Cancun? To Party!

And then our second recommendation for the party goer is of course going to be Cancún. If you’ve ever heard anything about Mexico you know that it has one of the country’s biggest reputations for those coming to Mexico just to have a good time. There are plenty of bars and nightlife here.

For The Anxious: Mérida

Merida ranks higher in safety than any other large city in the U.S. or Mexico.

Do you have some anxiety about coming to Mexico because of the reports of crime that you hear about? Then we are going to recommend Mérida. This city has a reputation for being the safest large city in Mexico. We walked around the city, day and night, without any fears or worries about our safety or security. It’s not only the safest city in Mexico, but according to CEOWorld Magazine statistic, it is the second safest city in all of North and South America. (second only to Quebec City). So if you really want to experience Mexico but are hesitant, Merida is the place for you. But I also want to mention that all of Mexico, in general, is probably safer than you think. The security situation anywhere in the world can change quickly, so you always want to research the latest security information before going somewhere.

For The Adventurous: Bacalar

Bacalar has plenty of adventure sports available.

If you really like to get out there and have some outdoor adventures or you’re into adventure sports, then we think Bacalar hits the spot. The outdoor activities here are numerous. You’ve got the beautiful lagoon where there is kayaking and boating. The town is also surrounded by cenotes, which are giant sink holes filled with water where you can go swimming. Some of the cenotes even have underwater caves if your level of adventure is up to that magnitude.

Best All Around: Oaxaca

Oaxaca was our favorite city in Mexico. The city sits in a beautiful valley.

We want to recommend Oaxaca as one of the best cities in Mexico. We could say so much about Oaxaca. It’s got great food, it’s home to Mexico’s famous mole (which are sauces made from some pretty exotic ingredients), and it’s got some great archeological sites. The people here are super friendly. Celebrations abound, and the historical center is filled with beautiful churches. We suggest you check out the article we wrote just about Oaxaca.

Now I know you might be thinking that we missed some cities, and we did, and that’s because we only included cities that we actually visited during the last six months here in Mexico. But what other cities would you add to our list for specific personalities? Please leave a comment below because I’m sure it would be helpful to others to hear your opinion too.

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