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Snail Travelers Update

When we began our second year of full-time travel we had planned to spend that year traveling throughout Southeast Asia, spending a month or two in each country. Well, the pandemic quickly changed those plans. Just a few days after arriving in Malaysia in March 2020 the country went into lockdown. Interstate travel was banned within the country. If you have been following our story then you know that we ended up spending over a year in Malaysia. We would have stayed even longer. But after being given multiple visa extensions due to the pandemic, the time finally came when the Malaysian immigration department said we needed to leave. We are so grateful for the year we had in Malaysia. It became our second home and we met so many wonderful people there.

The timing for our departure from Malaysia actually turned out to be ideal. The number of Covid cases in Malaysia began to hit all-time highs just after we left. Meanwhile, the vaccine was becoming easily available in the U.S. So we decided to return back to the U.S. and received our first dose of the vaccine the first day we arrived back.

We were very fortunate to have an apartment in Hilton Head Island provided to us for our quarantine time. Once we received our final dose of the vaccine and finished our quarantine we united with our families for a few weeks. Unfortunately we were not able to meet with our friends in the U.S. for multiple reasons, but we miss everyone back home.

Now it’s time to begin traveling again!

So where is our next destination? We decided Mexico would be the perfect place for us right now. We plan to spend at least a few months here, but still deciding exactly where we want to go. Check back here and also our YouTube channel to follow along with us as we take a journey through Mexico!

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