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Siem Reap Best Restaurants

If you’re coming to Siem Reap, Cambodia and are looking for some great restaurants, we’ve got four to recommend for you!

Siem Reap has a wide range of culinary experiences. You can of course get Cambodian food. But other options include Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, American, Italian, Greek, and many other cuisines from around the world.

We’re going to detail our four favorite restaurants that we visited during our one-month stay in Siem Reap. But first, all of this information is in the video below. So be sure to check it out if you prefer this information in video format: Siem Reap Best Restaurants.

Our four favorite Restaurants in Siem Reap are Bayon Pastry School, Jomnan’s Kitchen, Elia Greek Kitchen, and La Bruschetta. Take a look at the map below to see where these restaurants are located.

Keep in mind that we visited these restaurants in February and March 2020, just before the corona virus devastated the tourism industry in Siem Reap. To the best of our knowledge, these restaurants are still open as of the date of publication of this article.

We also want to point out that we were not compensated in any way by the restaurants that we reviewed in this article.

Bayon Pastry School

This place employs and trains underprivileged women to become pastry chefs through a one-year training program. We think the best thing about this place is the brunch. For $8 you get six items to enjoy. You can get a fruit salad, three food items, and two drinks.

The half panini comes with different fillings, ham, cheese, vegetables, onions, and olive spread. The chocolate croissant was outstanding.

My favorite food item was the banana muffin. The muffin is sliced up and then pieces of banana are layered between the muffin slices, and then it’s topped with a thick chopped coconut cream and caramel sauce.

And then on top of all the food you also get two drinks to choose. They have a variety of smoothies, juices, coffee and tea. Keep in mind with so many items to prepare it might take a little bit longer to get your food compared to other restaurants, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Our bill came to $16 for the two of us.

Jomnan’s Kitchen

Jomnan’s Kitchen offers both Cambodian food as well as typical Western food. The menu here is very extensive with over 60 items to choose from. And the menu has a picture of each item available so that you can see what the food looks like if you’re thinking of ordering something that you’re not familiar with. Another thing we like is that this restaurant donates some of its profits to a local charity.

And we like the atmosphere in this place. There’s a pond with fish and turtles, and this would probably be a fun place to come if you have kids.

We started our meal with some fried chicken spring rolls that came with a really delicious dipping sauce.

Then Emily got the amok which is Cambodia’s main national dish. It’s a curry with lemongrass, chili, and coconut milk and steamed in a banana leaf. It usually has fish in it but we got the chicken version here.

I got the Khmer red curry. It’s not spicy. The cinnamon seasoning dominated the flavor. It contained chicken and vegetables like carrots, green beans and potatoes.

Our bill for everything here came to $21.

Elia Greek Kitchen

Elia Greek Kitchen is in a very central location in the Pub Street area. This place makes their stuff fresh and they employ a pretty big staff considering the size of the restaurant. We loved this restaurant so much that we ate here twice during our one month stay in Siem Reap.

They have about 15 choices for the main entree and the appetizer menu is huge. Some of the appetizers qualify as full meals. And again we like that the menu had pictures of most of the items so that you can see what you’re getting before you decide what to order.

The souvlaki was our favorite and we got it both times that we visited. We liked the chicken but you can also get it with meatballs, beef, vegan or vegetarian. And that Greek salad was delicious, with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives and feta cheese.

On the appetizer menu they have a cheese pita bread that was delicious. It tasted like a cross between garlic bread and a pizza without tomato sauce.

The special Greek fries were so good, fries loaded with fresh garlic and tomato salsa, a little bit of olive oil, and a load of feta cheese.

And for dessert they have what they called the chocolate delight. It’s a chocolate mousse but it was it was a thick mousse, more like a pudding with a little bit of chocolate cake layered on the bottom, bananas and sliced almonds. This was my favorite dessert in Siem Reap.

Our meals here were in the $16-$18 range for the two of us.

La Bruschetta

La Bruschchetta is also located in the Pub Street area. The owner is Italian and he and his girlfriend sure know how to run a good restaurant. The food is authentic, they make their own pasta in-house, and they use a lot of fresh ingredients. The menu is not super extensive but what they do here they do very well, and they also had several daily specials.

When we were there we ordered four items. The first was the bruschetta platter, where you get three slices of homemade bread and your choice of toppings. We chose the tomato garlic oil and oregano, and also the slow-cooked onion parmesan and fennel seeds.

Our next item was a meatball panini, with beef meatballs tomato sauce pecorino cheese and a side of tomato salad. I’ve had meatball sandwiches before but they’re always the hoagie type sandwiches. Having a meatball sandwich panini style was even better.

Next up: arancini, a giant fried Italian rice ball filled with mozzarella cheese and with a side of tomato sauce. It tasted a little bit like a fried mozzarella stick which I just love and haven’t had in so long.

And finally we had the cotoletta de pollo. This was three thin patties of breaded chicken served with a side salad. What made it even better was squeezing the lime juice all over the chicken patties.

Our bill came to $17.50 for the meal for the two of us.

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