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One Year Of Traveling: Things I Miss And Don’t Miss

It was a little over a year ago that we boarded a flight to Peru to begin our first year of travel through South America. It has been an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. But in order to make this travel adventure a reality, we had to leave our old lives behind and begin a whole new way of life. I can honestly say that there is nothing from my previous life that I miss. Well, okay, almost nothing. There are a few things from home that I sometimes wish for, desire, and even dream about when I’m in a deep sleep. Yet there are other things that I was completely glad to leave behind.

We are excited that we will soon be heading to Southeast Asia to begin our second year of travel! But this will be another transition, and there are things about South America that I will miss as we head to a new continent.

So without further ado, I present to you a list of 4 things that I will miss about South America, 4 things that I miss from home, and 4 things that I don’t miss from home.

Four Things I Will Miss About South America

I Will Miss The Friends We Have Made Here

Emily and I are both introverts, but one thing we have learned this past year is that we are not as introverted as we thought. There have been times of feeling isolated and secluded. Fortunately, we have been able to make many new friends and build new relationships with people we have met along the way.

I Will Miss Empanadas

Empanadas are pastries found all over South America, similar to those frozen Hot Pockets we could get back home, only these are fresher and better. They come with different varieties of filling (some of my favorites are ground beef & egg, ham & cheese, and chicken).

I Will Miss The Bakeries

Oh my, the bakeries are fabulous. A visit to a bakery is a multi-sensory experience. First you’re hit with that fresh-baked aroma, and then that aroma changes into a mouthwatering flavor. And there are plenty of gluten-free options for Emily, even entire bakeries dedicated to those who are celiac.

I Will Miss The Mild Weather

Coming from North Carolina, where the summers are uncomfortably humid and the winters bring below-freezing temperatures, it has been nice to spend a year in a mild climate. Our travel journey through South America has not taken us anywhere excessively hot, and we have only experienced an occasional minor chill in places like Patagonia.

Four Things I Miss From Home

I Miss Friends And Family

It was so hard to say goodbye to our family and friends when we left home. When we finish up our time in South America, we will be taking a quick trip home before we head to Southeast Asia. It will be wonderful to see everyone from back home.

I Miss My Job

I loved my teaching job back home, and didn’t realize how much I would miss it until I was away from it for awhile. Even one year later, I still think about the former students and coworkers that have impacted my life. Thank you CCS!

I Miss My Memory Foam Mattress And Pillow

We sold, donated, or threw out just about everything we owned before we left home. The only material possessions that I miss are my mattress and pillow. I have slept in 24 different beds since leaving home, and so far they have been fine. But there is something about having a bed that is only yours. It provides a sense of familiarity and comfort that is hard to explain in words.

I Miss Corn Dogs

Okay, this one is just weird, especially since I haven’t eaten a corn dog in years. After being in South America for awhile I started craving food that I probably wouldn’t eat at home, but miss probably just because it’s not available here. And to be clear, it’s not only corn dogs, it’s other types of food too. (Just a few days after I was craving a corn dog, we came across a restaurant in Córdoba, Argentina that sold corn dogs! I excitedly walked into the restaurant to find that they were all out of them).

Four Things I Don’t Miss From Home

I Don’t Miss My Alarm Clock

As much as I loved my job, it still required an alarm clock for workdays. It is nice to be able to sleep late and have a life with a flexible schedule.

I Don’t Miss Mowing The Lawn

I used to hate cutting the grass. The pollen would swell my eyes shut and the unbearable heat would leave my body enveloped in a layer of sweat. I’m so glad to be done with that.

I Don’t Miss Driving

Before we left home I wondered whether or not I would miss the freedom of being able to drive somewhere whenever I want. I haven’t driven a car in a year and I don’t miss it at all. I love being able to use public transportation and walk.

I Don’t Miss The Immorality In American Politics

(No further explanation needed for this one).

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