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Our Travel Budget In Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the most modern and affluent city we have visited since we left home on our world travel adventure. But living in a city like this comes at a price. It is also the most expensive city we have visited so far, especially compared to Córdoba, Argentina. Here is a breakdown of our slow travel budget for our six week stay in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Housing – $1,133

The $1,133 for our six week apartment rental works out to be about $750 per month. This was actually inexpensive for Montevideo. We had everything we needed in the studio apartment, and it was in a great neighborhood. Our AirBNB hosts made us feel like family, and we enjoyed getting to know the other tenant in the apartment.

Montevideo Uruguary AirBNB Snail Travelers
Our AirBNB studio apartment in Montevideo.

Food (Groceries and Restaurants) – $620

Food was definitely more expensive here compared to other South American countries we have visited. But fortunately we quickly found some ways to save some money. We bought our fruits and vegetables at a street market that was set up weekly in our neighborhood. This same market also sold fresh cheese that was substantially cheaper than the supermarket–and it was delicious! Finally, we cooked most of our meals in our apartment, eating out only occasionally.

Montevideo Uruguay market Snail Travelers
Fruit and vegetable sellers came to our neighborhood every Tuesday.

Activities – $157

We visited a number of fun and beautiful places while staying in Montevideo:

  • A local festival celebrating gaucho (or cowboy) culture
  • A tour of the historical town center of Montevideo
  • A day trip to Uruguay’s flashy beach resort of Punta del Este
  • Another day trip to Uruguay’s charming historical town of Colonia
Colonia Uruguay Snail Travelers
A scene from our day trip to Colonia, Uruguay.

Transportation – $143

We took the ferry from Buenos Aires, which was the majority of this category. But we also spent a small amount riding the local buses to get around town.

Miscellaneous – $45

We spent this for all those important extra things like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, paper towels, etc.

Total travel budget in Montevideo, Uruguay: $2,098 (about $1,387 per month)

Despite Uruguay’s high price tag, we spent our six weeks here with a reasonable budget. This was mostly due to the great deal we found on the apartment. In addition, we pay $175 per month for a global health insurance policy that covers both of us. Our coverage is better than our previous policy in the US and at a fraction of the price!

Fondly, we will remember the expat community in Uruguay. We connected to them through an English-speaking church called Christ Church. We also met many new friends by volunteering at an assisted living home. Uruguay is often overlooked, but we are glad we fit this South American gem into our travel itinerary.

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